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Over-dyed Rugs, Large Area Rugs, Small Area Rugs, Runner Area Rugs, Tulu Rugs, Kilim Patchworks,

Moroccan Rugs, Oriental Kilims, Aubusson and Needlepoint Kilims, Moldovan (Rose Kilim) Kilims and Modern Kilims on our website.

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Patchwork Rugs

We are producing 3000 meter square Patchwork Rugs in our facilities monthly in different sizes and colors.

Over-dyed Rugs

We categorize 30 - 70 year old Vintage Anatolian Rugs and dye them in new colors according to their style and original colors.

Vintage Rugs

We use special washing techniques to preserve Vintage Rugs’ authenticity.

These rugs generally have flower motifs, geometric motifs of medallions on them.

Modern Area Rugs

Modern Area Rugs are produced from Vintage Rugs that lost their motifs, due to long term use and wear.

Although the rugs themselves are handmade,

the new motifs on them are embroidered by machines because of the thickness of rugs.

Bohemian Rugs

Bohemian or Boho Rugs are unique pieces of our collection with their genuine colors and motifs.

Their motifs and color combinations make them easy to use in any home. They have preserved their character.

Runner Rugs

We have a rich collection of Vintage Runners and Overdyed Runners in different colors and sizes comprised of runners collected from all over Anatolia.

Large Area Rug

You can find Oversized Persian Rugs and Oversized Turkish Rugs in our Large Area Rug collection.

This collection is prepared considering the challenge of finding the perfect Large Area Rug for large spaces.

Flag Rugs

Different color combinations of Norwegian, English, American and South African flags are produced from 100% natural and repurposed materials.

Tulu Rugs

Tulu Rugs are made of fully natural materials. They are minimalist rugs with a simple and modern look.

They are perfect for minimally designed spaces with light colors. Due to Tulu Rugs’ style one can easily tell

they are from the same family with rugs made in Iran, Gabbeh and Morocco, Atlas mountains. However Tulu Rugs’ wool quality is undoubtedly superior.

Hi-Low Pile Rugs

We prepared a collection of so called ‘carved’ rugs from our Overdyed Vintage Rugs. Certain motifs of rugs in this collection are carved out by hand to give them a unique look.

Kilim Patchworks

Kilims collected from all over Anatolia are cut down in smaller pieces and stitched back together to create new, modern and minimal designs.

Oriental Kilim Rugs

Anatolian Kilims reflect the rich culture they were born in with their colors and motifs. Our Oriental Rugs Kilims collection is one of our

most beloved collections, having become an inseparable part of modern homes.

Moldovan Kilims ( Rose Kilims )

Moldovan Kilims generally have flower motifs on a dark background and they have commonly been used as wall hangings. They are the preference of classical decor lovers.

European Kilims ( Aubusson and Needlepoint Kilims )

The grace and taste of European culture is embodied in handmade Aubusson and Needlepoint Kilims. They are the perfect match for classically designed homes.

Chaput Kilims

Chaput Kilims have been produced in Anatolian culture for centuries as repurposed products. Chaput Kilims are made of strands of

cotton and wool that once formed goods that became unusable after many years of use and wear.

We offer Chaput Kilims as a repurposed product to enrich modern homes in an environmentally responsible manner.

Modern Kilims

We combined modern and minimalist motifs with kilims. We are producing the kilims in our collection of Modern Kilims in workshops

all over Anatolia using traditional methods to meet the needs of modern homes.

Pillow Covers

Our Kilim Pillow Covers are made of repurposed materials from handmade vintage kilims. With their lively colors and eye catching motifs they add character to modern spaces.

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