About Rugs

About Rugs - FAQs

  1. How close are your carpet images to reality on web site?

    The photos of our carpets are taken professionally with a high resolution digital camera in a color-temperature controlled environment and the photos are then processed using Adobe Photoshop. The photos of the carpets are therefore, as close to reality as the real carpets. However, it also depends on the type, quality and age of the screen one uses to view the carpets and this can affect how the photos and colors are displayed on your screen.

  2. Why some carpets have different shades on?

    This is not a fault in the carpet. What you see is known as an Abrash. An Abrash is a Turkish word meaning partly colored. This difference in nuances is commonly found in nomadic carpets, and it occurs when a weaver uses yarn from a dye that was not done in the exact same shade as the previously used. The Abrash therefore adds more character and charm to the carpet and also reminds us of the working conditions of the carpet weaver.

  3. What is fringe?
    A fringe is the extension of warp strands; they are knotted at the ends to ensure that the wefts and the knots do not unravel.
  4. Should I use under padding for every carpet?

    We recommend under-padding (Super Stop) for thinner carpets since it prevents the carpet from slipping and helps it stay in place. It also provides more cushioning, thus prolonging the life of your carpet by preventing pile crush, and protects the carpet from the effects of sharp objects like heels.