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9 X 12 to 10 X 14 Area Rugs

Between the sizes of 9 X 12 to 10 X 14 area rugs are usually used in large rooms, halls and meeting rooms. The versatility a rug provides help decorators create the spaces they need. A large rug in these sizes is commonly used as the main rug in a large room. While smaller rugs help create interesting and exciting corners in a large room, a rug between the sizes of 9 X 12 to 10 X 14 will be the main rug and also a visually big portion of the overall design. Different room styles call for different rug types. While a large rug in lighter colors can be an easy addition to your overall decor, a large rug in these sizes can be more challenging to use if it is in vibrant colors. However as mentioned earlier different types of decor call for different rug types and a vibrant rug between the sizes of 9 X 12 to 10 X 14 can work great in a classically designed large room as well as a room designed in bohemian style. Large halls are also great spaces to make use of larger rugs between the sizes of 9 X 12 to 10 X 14. People will naturally gather around or on a rug in a hall, so it is a good idea to use a rug this size in a location we prefer people to gather. Vibrant colors work nicely in halls as they attract attention in eye catching colors, where a light colored rug could be lost in the overall design in a hall.






10 X 14 Area Rugs and up


Rugs sized 10 X 14 are up are used in very large spaces. They are naturally the one of the largest design elements they are used in, covering a substantial portion of the space. Designers take extra care when choosing an oversized rug in these dimensions. A rug sized 10 X 14 and up will be the main rug in a very large room. Living rooms, halls, libraries and meeting rooms are great spaces to make use of such large rugs. In a living room a rug this size can be used in the middle or closer to a side. We usually see these rugs where sofas and armchairs take place. The add a dimension to its surroundings creating a kind of depthness. When sofas and armchairs are placed on an oversized rug, it feels as if a visual composition is completed. For this reason rugs sized 10 X 14 and up have been used in large living rooms for centuries. While halls are ideal spaces for rugs in these dimensions libraries and meeting rooms do not feel complete without a rug this size. A meeting room welcomes a large rug this size due to a number of reasons. First of all a meeting room does not agree with crowded decor. We usually see a couple of artworks, a table, come chairs in a meeting room. This is due to create a more formal setting where a number of topics could be discussed. It is desired that a meeting room is not in the cosiness of a living space but not cold or aloof either. The emptiness of design can easily be completed with a large rug sized 10 X 14 and up in a meeting room. This way the room still has a plain decor yet it feels full and personal enough with the use of an oversized rug. Another space that an oversized rug fits in effortlessly is a library. The main decor in a library are the bookshelves, books, maybe a couple of armchairs and a coffee table. A rug sized 10 X 14 and up completes a library effortlessly becoming a natural element of it.