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Patchwork Rugs

in order to re-evaluate the Isparta hand-woven carpets in Turkey from different parts of the first aging patchwork carpets has started.anadol to be made Collected Isparta carpets are stored in powder cabinets and then washed. After being washed, the carpets are shaved on the carpet, used in the warp of the rope used in the tufted cotton yarn. The patchwork carpets are painted in different colors. Our natural colored patchwork carpets are their original colors.

The patchwork hand-woven carpets which are popular in a short period of time exceed the limits and soon become fashionable all over the world.


What is Patchwork Rug?

In the past it was not possible to find an array of products that are easily available to us today. Production in textile was far from what it is today. Before industrialization every piece of fabric was used until they completely deteriorated. Production procedure was dominated by physical labor. Therefore torn pieces of fabric was valuable. The intact pieces of fabric would be seperated from heavily damaged parts and sewn into other pieces of textile. With this method large pieces of textile comprising of many different colors would emerge. At this point the art of repurposing textile known as patchwork arose. In the land of Anatolia it is named as ‘kirkyama’ and it has been used for centuries.


What are Patchwork Rugs?

Rugs used in the making of patchwork rugs are still used widely in the homes of Anatolia. Of course certain deformation, wear, stains and tears are present on some of these rugs as they are 30 - 70 years old. The intact rugs are turned into overdyed rugs while patchwork rugs are made from the deformed ones. As a matter of fact, patchwork rugs came to existence with the reinterpretation of on old repurposing method. Nowadays a rug comprised of pieces sewn together is called a patchwork rug. 


How are Patchwork Rugs made?

When rugs are obtained in large quantities from Anatolian villages the deformed ones are not disposed of. After over dyeing them, the intact parts of these 100% vintage handmade Turkish rugs are marked by chalk with the help of a ruler. The intact parts are cut out and grouped in their color tones. After that, they are hand sewn into each other to produce a new rug.

Patchwork rugs are widely preferred with their modern look and relatively less challenging production process. Another reason patchwork rugs are widely preferred is because they can be produced in the desired sizes and color combinations. Patchwork rugs in our collection are made of vintage handmade Turkish rugs and they are sewn together by hand. Depending on demand from our customers they can also be sewn together by a sewing machine. Patchwork rugs are a new favorite among rug types all over the world.


What is a Flag Rug?

A flag represents the unity of a country and sovereignty of a nation. Flags have found a new medium in flag rugs. Flag rugs have come to life with the Turkish rug art; patchwork. Flag rugs are made from 40 - 60 years old Anatolian rugs and they are available to our customers in forms of British Flag Rugs and USA Flag Rugs. Vintage Flag Rugs can be produced in any color combinations and sizes.

Flag rugs can be used as a supplementary design elements to bring a sense of movement to spaces. As flags are widely known symbols by everyone they also are a great way to attract attention, or create a focal point in a space. Flag rugs can be helpful to create texture in a room. Since design usually uses colors that work with each other a strong contrast can be used to create a sense of opposite harmony. Another way to use a flag rug can be in theme rooms in which pieces of decor from a certain country are used in a room and a flag rug of that country can complete the theme approach in that room.

Flag rugs is a subcategory of patchwork rugs. Pieces of vintage rugs are cut out, overdyed and brought together in certain designs to create flag rugs. Since the material used to make flag rugs are fully natural materials they can be used along with natural home decor elements. Flag rugs are in good harmony with wood, metal as well as neutral natural colors.

Since flag rugs are made of cut out pieces from vintage rugs, any flag can be produced in accordance with the demands of our customers. Flag rugs are a great example of how versatile vintage rugs can be used in terms of repurposing and they open the doors to a wider understanding of design. Flag rugs have come out as a design concept after patchwork rugs have become popular and used widespread in modern homes. Rug designers started to experiment with vintage rugs, trying different combinations and flag rugs have taken their place among patchwork rugs as a widely favored kind.

In many parts of the world flag rugs are being used in homes as well as studios, offices, hotels, public spaces and theme rooms. They add beauty and a unique touch to the spaces they are used in.


Patchwork Kilim Rugs

History of Kilim Patchwork Rugs go back centuries in Anatolia, known in this region with its native name ‘Kirkyama’. Kirkyama is a way to make rugs out of old, worn rugs by cutting out intact parts of rugs and sewing these parts together to create a new rug. As textile weaving was a slow process and our present day production methods were not available back in those days, every piece of textile was made use of.


What are Kilim Patchwork Rugs?

The technique used in the making of Kilim Patchwork Rugs is the same used by people that made them centuries ago. The idea is to cut out parts of kilim rugs and to sew together those parts to create new kilims. While making these rugs kilim parts with colors that match each other and do not match each other are used. The end product is different depending on what kind of kilim parts are sewn together.

We produce custom made kilim patchwork rugs as well that cater to our clients’ needs. Since each kilim patchwork rug is unique it is not possible to make the same kilim patchwork rug twice. However depending on the style our client chooses we can create a new kilim rug for them. This way our clients enjoy owning a product unique to them.

These unique items add character and personality to the spaces they are used in. They are also a fashionable way to repurpose vintage kilims.

Kilim Patchwork Rugs are fully repurposed products due to their production methods. While creating patchwork kilims, old and worn kilims are preferred to cut out pieces from. In our present day it is more responsible to use existing materials to create new products rather than producing them from scratch. This way we use our natural resources and raw materials more responsibly. Kilim patchwork rugs are made out of kilim rugs which are made of fully natural materials. In the land of Anatolia kilim rugs have an old history. Therefore kilims and rugs made out of kilims are common household products. Kilims have rich motifs. Wool and cotton have come to life in kilim rugs. The high quality of materials used in kilim rugs and their rich motifs help create colorful patchwork kilim rugs that make our modern spaces more vibrant and warmer.

Kilims that are used to create kilim patchwork rugs are not overdyed. Their original color and motifs are preserved. Their time worn beauty is redefined on kilim patchwork rugs, creating a new work of art. Kilims in classic and oriental styles are not used to create kilim patchwork rugs. Kilims chosen to create kilim patchwork rugs have square, line or uniform designs. This way the final product is has a modern style, thus working better in modern spaces. They become a natural element of the design they are used in, they fit in their surroundings effortlessly. They are currently being used by world renowned interior designers and decorators to add character to spaces. As their popularity has risen so have their numbers in our inventory. Created by our designers diligently, it is no wonder that these colorful, natural rugs have become an indispensable part of modern home decor.