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5 X 8 to 6 X 9 Area Rugs


Area rugs between the sizes of 5 X 8 to 6 X 9 can be used in medium sized rooms, large rooms and bedrooms. They can be the main design element in a medium sized room for those who prefer the rug to cover a pig portion of their room. A rug between the sizes of 5 X 8 to 6 X 9 will most probably used to cover the area in front of the sofas, armchairs. In this case part of the rug will be under the sofa and armchairs. This is a classic design that decorators have used for a very long time to create a cosy environment. Rooms between the sizes of 5 X 8 to 6 X 9 work well also under coffee tables. Some decorators prefer to create a cosy corner in a large room. This corner is a part of the overall design but it creates the feeling that it has its own energy, its own vibe. In such a corner a fireplace and a couple of sofas or a coffee table and a couple of armchairs or chairs are widely preferred. In such a corner a rug between the sizes of 5 X 8 to 6 X 9 could help create the vibe the decorator is after. The bedroom is another space when we think about the usage of rugs in these sizes. Considering the size of the average bedroom the most common usage of a rug between the sizes of 5 X 8 to 6 X 9 is under the table. This creates a personal, stylish look in the bedroom. In a bedroom styled this way we see the two sides of the rug coming out of under the bed spreading into the bedroom. A rug under the bed is great because of a couple of reasons. First it creates this warm vibe with character. Another reason is the luxurious feeling of stepping on a rug when one wakes up. It is pleasant to feel a warm rug under our feet as the first thing when we wake up.