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Bedroom Rugs 

How to Choose Bedroom Rug?

Our bedrooms are undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in our homes due to a few reasons. First of all a bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation and contemplation. Our time in our bedrooms is sacred and emphasizing this importance a bedroom has in our lives helps us in more than one way. One way to emphasize this importance is through careful design. First of all we enjoy our time in a well decorated bedroom. Also, by complementing the design of our overall home, the bedroom completes our living spaces. Rugs are one of the most important design elements of a bedroom. While a carpet will transform the entire floor, giving our bedroom floor a rich color and texture, the rug will help complete the design of the bedroom. Depending on the size, shape and style of your bedroom there are many ways to approach how to purchase a rug for your bedroom. A large rectangle or square bedroom may call for a living room rug, on that is an 8 x 10 area rug or larger. Round rugs could work well in smaller bedrooms. You should definitely check out rugs for sale if you are after a deal and carpet stores in your area will have a collection of rugs that could work in your space. There are cheap bedroom rugs in many different styles and it is always good to keep in mind that online stores do not have most of the expenses a physical retail shop has, so you can find much better deals online. Oriental rugs are the perfect fit for a classical bedroom. Modern rugs work well in modern contemporary spaces. Designers in many cases prefer white bedroom rugs in modern bedrooms. We always recommend wool rugs for your bedroom because of the high quality and pleasant touch of wool.

Bedroom Rug Ideas

A bedroom carpet will transform your floor helping add texture and color to your bedroom floor. This change in floor will help play with design and get richer design results in the overall decor of your bedroom. Bedroom area rugs are the perfect fit to place on your bedroom carpet. Below you can find some ideas on how rugs can work in your bedrooms. Best carpet for bedrooms and best bedroom rugs are the ones that work for your space. Bedroom floor rugs come in many different sizes shapes and colors and it is important to understand that the best rug is the one that will work best in your space.

Where to Place Bedroom Rug? 

Where to place the rug in a bedroom is one of the common questions when it comes to decorating your bedroom floor and there is more than one way to place your rug in the bedroom. Depending on the size of the bedroom and the design approach you would like to take different ways to place a rug is possible. Bedside rugs are commonly used in modern spaces with neutral colors. If the dominant colors in your bedroom are neutral and if you would like to complement this design by designing your floors lightly you can choose two bedside rugs, on either side of the bed. If the bed is against a wall one rug for the side that it faces the room gives a nice texture to the floor also it is pleasant to walk on a wool rug first thing in the morning. Soft rugs for bedroom make your bedroom floors pleasant to walk on. Another way to place your rug in the bedroom is under the bed. We see this design often in bedrooms these days; it has become a favored way to place rugs among designers. In this design there are a couple of possibilities. One way to place the rug under the bed is by aligning one side with the fringe with the head of the bed and have the sides and the other side with the pile of the rug flow over. This will obviously require a quite large bedroom rug. Another way to place the rug under the bed is to have the ends of the rug with piles over flow from the sides of the bed. This way one of the long sides of the rug will be over the bottom end of the bed and the other long side of the rug will be passing from approximately the middle parts of the bed. This second placement of the rug requires a smaller rug compared to the first placement.

Bedroom Rug on Carpet 

Rug on carpet in the bedroom is one of the most preferred ways to use a rug. While some designers prefer to use an overall carpet in the bedroom, it is undoubtedly true that a rug on the carpet adds texture, color and style to your bedroom. A bedroom with rug is a warmer, more welcoming bedroom; one in which we would feel better spending time. Modern bedroom rugs on modern bedroom carpet add character to a modern contemporary space. Contemporary spaces use muted colors, plain decor and lots of accessories. A modern bedroom rug will complete the design in a case like this. This being said some designers prefer to shake things up a bit and creating contrast on floors with colorful carpets. Green carpet for bedrooms are commonly used in design situations like this.

What Size Should Bedroom Rug Be? 

Bedroom rug size depends on a few factors such as the size of your bed, the size of your room and how much of your floor you want to cover with a rug. Small bedroom rugs would work well in a smaller bedroom or if you would like a smaller part of your bedroom covered with a rug. Some designers prefer small bedroom rugs in modern as plain floors have become fashionable in modern bedrooms. A large bedroom will require an 8x10 bedroom rug or a larger rug. A small carpet for bedroom will work nicely in a small room or in a design situation where we prefer a small portion of the floor. Bedroom area rug size will be decided according to some factors as we have mentioned earlier like, what portion of the floor we would like to cover, how big is the room, where do we want to place the rug. A rug in a small bedroom will add character to the small room just like it does to a large room.