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Runner Rugs

Runner Rugs are an indispensable part of home decor when we are thinking about floor textiles. Runner Rugs can be used in many places in a home, or an office and the spaces they are used in are instantly elevated style wise and improved. When we are decorating a home we should have a wholesome approach and thinking about the overall design of that space. When we think about the rooms separately and not the spaces that physically tie those rooms together the overall space lacks the quality of being a coherent one. When we are talking about runner rugs we are usually talking about hallways, corridors and entries of a home or a specific space. Because of their shapes these areas call for runner rugs or rather narrow rugs. These narrow rugs are usually called runner rugs, we will get into detail about size in the next section. Sometimes we tend to decorate our rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens with a lot of attention to detail and the parts of the house that tie these rooms are overlooked. However hallways are a cornerstone of home design. When we are going from room to room, us and our guests walk through our hallways and attention to detail is always recognized just as the lack of it is too.

What Are Runner Rugs? 

Runner rugs are basically narrow rugs. They can be as long as a large rug or even an extra large rug but as narrow as a medium or a small rug. The size of the space that we are looking to fill helps us define the dimensions of the runner rug that we need and the style, color scheme of the space will help us pick a style. In terms of style runner rugs offer a wide array of choices like any other rug type. One main difference when we are looking at the design of runner rugs is the way they are designed. There are many kinds of designs when we look at rugs such as floral, medallion, geometric, tribal designs to point out a few. However when we are looking at the design of a wider rug we usually see the design pointing to the middle of it with a major, bold design element placed in the middle - like a medallion or an eye catching tribal symbol. This is not the case with runner rugs because of their narrow width. The central design approach works in a large or a medium rug because proportionally its width is less narrow compared to its length thus giving the rug maker enough space to place a focal point to the middle of the rug. However in a runner rug this is not the case. Because the runner rug is narrow and long and there isn’t enough focal space to place a central bold motif in the middle of a runner rug. Therefore we usually encounter geometric, floral or tribal designs with no central motif in the middle of runner rugs. Runner rugs can be as narrow as 2 feet and wide as 5 feet while the length varies between 9 feet and 14 feet. So the runner rugs we encounter are 2x9 rugs, 2x12 rugs, 3x8 rugs, 3x12 rugs, 4x9 rugs. 4x13 rugs, 5x9 rugs, 5x14 rugs with the length increasing gradually between sizes with the same width.                                         

Runner Rugs For Hallways

There are couple of approaches when thinking about hallway design, and they are either in harmony with the rest of the house or in a way that contrasts it. If we are looking for a smooth transition from one room to the other the first approach will work better. If we are after a surprise element in terms of design the latter will work better. No matter what the approach we are taking is the right choice of a hallway rug instantly improves the decor of the hallway making it a more coherent space. Hallways are usually narrower in homes so 2x10 rugs, 2x11 rugs or 3x9 rugs, 3x10 rugs, 3x11 rugs could work well in hallways. Depending on the overall style as well as the design approach we are taking for the hallways there are different styles to choose from. Tribal or geometric runner rugs work well in a more bohemian approach where floral or Oushak runner rugs with muted color tones work seamlessly in modern and contemporary spaces.

Runner Rugs For Entries 

Entries are another part of the home that are overlooked at times, but it is important to point out that entries are the first spaces in our homes us or our guests come to, therefore it is essential that entries reflect the style we would like to convey. An entryway rug will help complete the design of our entryway. Since entryways are usually slightly wider than hallways 4x10 rugs, 4x11 rugs or 4x12 rugs could do the trick in an entry.

Runner Rugs For Living Room 

Lots of designers prefer wide runners for the living room. The preference of a runner for the living room depends on a few factors. First of all the dimensions of the living room. If the living room is narrow and long instead of a square or a rectangle size, area rug runners could work well in a room like this. Area rug runners are 5x10 rugs, 5x11 rugs, 5x12 rugs and 5x13 rugs. Rugs these sizes also work well if the sitting area is narrower. In a case like this, if we are looking at a design where the couch is facing the TV as in many homes, a runner rug in the mentioned sizes could work perfectly between the couch and TV.

Runner Rugs For Kitchen

Runner rugs are commonly used in kitchens and in a few places within the kitchen. In front of the counter is a common spot for the kitchen runner. This is because counters are usually long structures and a runner rug running parallel to the counter is both aesthetically and practically pleasing. It is pleasing to the eye because it fills the floor stylishly parallel to the counter. It is also practical because while we are preparing food on the counter it is always nice to be stepping on a soft textile instead of naked floor.