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Medium Rugs 

Medium rugs come to our rescue in many different ways. Medium rugs are those rugs that are perfect for small and medium spaces, hence we see them as a main design element in many rooms in those sizes. Further more they are used as a rug to complete the overall design in larger areas in harmony with larger rugs in a space. Medium rugs are especially fun to shop because most tribal and dowry pieces are in these sizes. When we are talking about dowry pieces - which can be tribal in nature or city and village weaves - we are entering an interesting category of handmade rugs. Handmade rugs have been around for many millennia, however their techniques and the reasons for them being made very quite a bit. To give some specifics about dowry pieces in general, they are rugs that were made to be used by their makers, or their immediate family, rather than being sold. Hence after they are made they become the dowry of a girl that will marry at some point and then used in her home for decades before it is passed on to the children. So rug enthusiasts are quite often after dowry pieces as these pieces have sentimental value. They mean something real to those who made them and they were loved and used with care in homes of their makers. Dowry pieces have two main subcategories and those are city or village and tribal weaves. The main reason these categories emerged is because of the life style and communal culture of the makers of these rugs. Tribal rugs were more prevalent in tribal communities. Nomadic or semi nomadic people never truly settled, living with their flocks and taking them to wherever made it possible for the survival of their flock. The people of these communities lives were closely interrelated with the survival of their flock because they used everything the flock offered in terms of food products and wool. Wool was used in the making of tents, clothes and textile needed as well as rugs of course. In this case flat weaves or hand knotted rugs. City or village rugs were made by those people who were sedentary, and living in homes, in settlements. Still their animals were a great importance to these people, but they created the environments that their animals needed like barns and other structures. Their animals were also a big part of these people’s lives and just like nomadic and semi nomadic people they used everything their animals offered - one of the products being wool. They also made rugs with the wool aside from every other piece of textile they needed in their lives. Hence the subcategories of tribal and city weaves emerged in the general group of dowry pieces. Dowry pieces fall under the category of medium rugs aside from handmade production rugs made in these sizes because the looms used by nomadic, semi nomadic, city and village people made the making of these rugs possible. Large rugs or extra large rugs were never made by these people because of a few reasons. Their living spaces were never that big which made building looms that would make very large rugs unnecessary. For nomadic and semi nomadic people, as they were always on the move every piece of furniture and tool had to be easily transported, their looms being one of them. Hence, they never used large looms or created large rugs.

What Are Medium Rugs

Rugs between the sizes of 5x7 and 6x9 full under this category. Specifically a 5x7 rug, 5x8 rug, 6x8 rug and a 6x9 rug belong to the group of medium rugs. 5x7 area rugs are the smallest rug in this category and we see this rug used quite often in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even offices. 5x8 area rugs work in relatively wider areas in the same rooms and 6x9 area rugs are the largest in this group. We see this size of rug used quite often is sitting areas in a living room or in bedroom either under the bed in front of it. 6x8 area rugs are the cheaper option compared to the 6x9 rug size and even though it is a more uncommon size it works perfectly in areas where the 6x9 carpet is al little too long. Even though 6x10 area rug is sometimes considered in the large rugs category and sometimes in this category, it usually works in an area fit for 6x9 rug or a 7x10 rug. As the measure shows the 6x10 is a slightly longer version of the 6x9 and it works nicely in a narrower and longer space.

Medium Rugs For Living Room

Medium rugs are one of the go to pieces of home textile for medium or smaller rooms. A 6x9 rug in living room is used quite often in the sitting area in front of the couch with one or two armchairs around it and at times a coffee table in the middle. A 6x9 wool rug adds texture and character to a living room helping transforming it into a warm, cosy atmosphere. Depending on the style and design approach of our room there are various colors and styles of medium rugs. A 6x9 grey rug or a 6x9 black and white rug could help improve a modern space. We see designers are after a 6x10 grey area rug for modern spaces and this color and size work really effortlessly in a modern space. A 6x9 white rug could be a viable option for a neutral, modern space if grays and blacks are dominant in the overall design. Another size option is a 5x8 white rug in this color, and this color would help us lighten the floors and the overall coloring of the living room. White area rug 6x9 works in a space where the 5x8 may be thought to be a bit small. 

Medium Rugs For Bedroom

6x9 wool area rugs are a natural fit for a bedroom as the material is one of the main concerns in bedrooms. Bedroom is a space for rest, for relaxing and a lot of the time we spend time here bare feet. Our rug in the bedroom is possible the last thing we step on before we go to bed and the first thing when we get up in the morning. Therefore, wool is a great material to choose when purchasing a medium sized bedroom rug. As always the design of the room can help us decide on the color of the rug in this room. A 6x9 blue area rug would definitely bring some cool color in the bedroom. As room for relaxation and calmness blue could be a nice color for a bedroom A 6x8 carpet could work better in relatively narrower or shorter rooms - depending on which position we decide the rug to lay on the floor. For a more modern design a 5x8 gray rug could be nice in the bedroom, especially if we are after a neutral color for the floor. A modern area rug 5x7 is a good choice if we would like to place the rug in from of the bed, as 5x7 is a relatively smaller size that is easier to place compared to a 6x9. 

Medium Rugs For Office 

Another good space to consider a medium rug for is the office. Medium rugs are the size category in handmade rugs that work seamlessly in offices as offices are not very big spaces, Usually a medium rug would cover a considerable amount of the floor in an office. Offices are spaces we spend a good deal of our time in and creating a warm atmosphere would help us be in a good mood in this space. There are many cheap 6x9 rugs to choose from for an office, whether a beige area rug 6x9 for a more modern office or a 6x9 blue rug if we like some cool coloring on the floor. If we are after a smaller option we can still consider bringing in some color with a 5x8 blue rug or if we prefer darker colors or more earth like tones a 5x7 brown rug could be a go to choice.