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    5x11 Black Vintage Moldovan Kilim Rug - 23457
    Size: 5' 5'' x 10' 7''
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    7x7 Black Vintage Moldovan Kilim Rug - 23288
    Size: 6' 11'' x 7' 1''
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Living Room Rugs 

What Are Living Room Rugs? 

When we think about a living room, it is hard to picture one without a rug. A rug in the living room helps create a warm, coherent space. The living room rug will also tie the room together and making it complete with all of its elements. What are these elements? Furniture, curtains, plants, lighting, pictures on walls… All of these elements are textures in a living room. Even When thinking about these elements we usually think about single items; a soft is a single item, so is an armchair. A table, paintings and pictures are single elements. Too and so are plants. Even though a rug is a single item like all of the above listed things, it has some unique characteristics. First of all it can be much larger than all of the above listed items. A rug will may cover, depending on its size, from a portion of your living room to nearly all of it. Nearly all of the design elements can end up on your living room rug. This for one is one of the characteristics that make a living room rug unique as no other design element is capable go this. Secondly the design of the rug can complete the entire design giving the living room a certain feel. To explain this with an example, picture a modern space. You will need modern furniture to complete this space. While one item used in a certain place of the living room changes and transforms the certain area it is used in, a living room rug has the power to transform the entire room all at once. In this sense it is not illogical to start designing your room with a living room rug.

How Big Living Room Rug? 

Sizes of living room rugs will vary greatly. While for a small to a medium room a 7 x 10 rug, 8 x 10 rug or an 8 x 11 area rug could work nicely, rugs as large as 9 x 12 rug, 10 x 14 rug or larger can help complete the design of living rooms. While some prefer one very large living room rug to cover all the entire space there are some that prefer smaller rugs in different places in the living room. Smaller vintage rugs can work nicely in a living room adding it a unique character and texture. Some designers prefer to use a large vintage area rug in the center or in the area with the sofa and armchairs while using smaller vintage rugs around this space.

What Color Living Room Rug? 

While size is one of the factors to keep in mind while designing your living room, obviously another important factor is color. Living room rugs come in many different colors. Grey rugs are used in many modern and minimalist living rooms. Pink rugs add a pop of color helping create a focal point in the room. Black rugs are also great in decorating modern living rooms. A good rug store will have the variety you seek and our store is the one with the widest selection. Green rugs help add contrast to a room. Some prefer to use rugs in harmony with their furniture while others prefer choosing a rug opposite in color and style to create a unique texture. Red rugs catch attention in a living room and they work well with neutral colors around them adding character to a living room. Designers have been using colorful boho rugs in living rooms for some time now.  

Ideas For Living Room Rugs 

Boho rugs add a touch of bohemian spirit to spaces which is sought after in the present day design style. Boho style spread throughout the design world quickly and it has been quickly adapted in many homes. Turkish rugs have been one of the mostly sought after handmade rugs in living rooms due to a few reasons. Turkish rugs are made of high quality materials. Natural wool is used in the making of these rugs and millennia old methods passed down through generations are used while making them. Designs and coloring of Turkish rugs wool well in the modern contemporary home. Turkish rugs as well as other rugs are widely used on carpets in living rooms. This creates a sense of texture and also prevents the rug from slipping or bunching. Some new users of handmade rugs are sometimes skeptical about purchasing a handmade vintage rug if their floors are covered with carpets from wall to wall, however rugs work well on carpets and some users of handmade vintage rugs prefer to use their rugs this way.

Where To Buy Living Room Rugs? 

Living room rugs for sale can be an affordable way to spice up the decor in your living room. You can find a lot of deals on the rugncarpet website. Modern living room rugs come in many different styles and colors. You can find geometric designs as well as medallion designs in modern living room rugs. Best area rugs for living room are the ones that work best for you, for your taste. While some living rooms call for a neutral living room rug, others may require a more colorful or classical rug. The best rug can be determined looking at the overall design, furniture in the space and the design approach.

What Size Living Room Rug? 

Living room area size is crucial and when we try to decide on the size many factors are considered. The first thing to consider is the size of the room naturally. Another factor is how much of the living room we want the rug to cover. While some prefer the rug to cover most of the living room, others may prefer to use accent rugs for living room along with a large area rug. Contemporary rugs for living rooms come in different sizes whether you want to use them in combination with smaller accent rugs or as a large are rug. Cheap large rugs for living room can be an affordable way to improve the interior look of your living room. Depending on style and weaving technique you will realize there are some very affordable large rug options on the rugncarpet website.

Living Room Rugs and Carpets

Colorful rugs for living room may work wonders if used correctly. Some prefer the pop of a colorful rug in a neutral space while others enjoy very colorful spaces and use a colorful rug with colorful furniture and walls. Neutral rugs for living room can be used in a similar manner; either in a neutral room in harmony or to contrast a colorful space. These choices depend on personal preference naturally as well as the overall style of the space. Living spaces area rugs fill our spaces with personality and add texture to the spaces they are used in. 5 x 8 rug in living room is a size preferred often due to few reasons. 5x8 rugs work as a main rug in small living rooms while they can easily be used as accent rugs in larger rooms along with larger area rugs. This said living room carpet size depends on a few different factors as mentioned above. Small living room rugs can work in a large living as accent rugs or as a main rug in smaller living room. Modern area rugs for living room and modern carpets for living room are used in modern contemporary spaces very often. They can also be used in a retro setting or vintage setting. Huge living room rugs are used in huge living rooms. And while a huge living room can be a very uplifting space to live in it can be a challenge to decorate. One may prefer to use a lot of furniture in a huge room or be minimalistic about the design approach. Whether the design approach is minimalistic or there is quite a lot of furniture in the room a huge rug for a huge living room is a must. Living room carpet rugs work well in these rooms too used along with large area rugs and accent rugs. Living rugs is a philosophy for some, meaning they a home, especially a living room with a rug is not complete, it is naked. Decorative rugs for living room are a must for the modern designer and home owner making living room floor rugs an indispensable part of their decor. Cheap area rugs for living room cam be a good way to start decorating your space. Unique rugs for living room will help add a unique vibe to your space; add personality and character to your living room making the room your room, speaking of your personal taste. While big carpet for living room can be the perfect rug for your big living room nice rugs for living room can come in many different sizes, colors and shapes.