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Large Rugs 

When we are talking about large rugs we are talking about the majority of rugs that we use in most of the living spaces. Most living rooms, bedrooms will call for a 6x9 rug, 7x10 rug or an 8x10 rug and these rugs are large rugs. Extra large area rugs are usually used in very large rooms and most of the living rooms are not in sizes that call for these rugs. A 7x10 area rug or 8x10 area rugs can be used in most of our living spaces, whether it be the living room, bedroom, lounge or kitchen. Large rugs come in all kinds of styles and colors and they fill a generous floor space of a medium sized room. When we are decorating our spaces rugs are those pieces of home decor that add quite a bit to the overall texture and quality of our home decor. Rugs become one with the furniture, walls, curtains and overall feel of the house. Large rugs are no different. They too become an indispensable part of home decor completing the remaining pieces and creating a wholesome look. There are many options when looking for a large rug both in terms of color and style. Large grey rugs are widely used these days in modern spaces because they match the coloring of walls and furniture preferred in modern home design. A gray area rug 8x10 is a rug color and size we see often designers are after as they are easy to mix and match with different colors and styles and also 8x10 is a size that works in most medium sized living areas. There are many options when it comes to shopping for large rugs. You can find various color and style options in online shops and retail shops. Don’t forget to look out for large rugs for sale, because you could find some great rugs at great rates!

What Are Large Rugs? 

Large rugs are big rugs that help us decorate our medium sized living spaces. The sizes of rugs that fall into the category of large rugs are commonly 6x9 rug, 6x8 rug, 7x9 rug and 8x10 rug. From all the way 6x9 area rugs to 8x10 area rugs - which are the smallest and largest in this category - there isn’t a very big difference in terms of size. Only 1 foot from sides and a 1/2 foot from ends of the rug. Hence, in terms of size this category helps us define a clear group of large carpets at a certain size for rooms in certain dimensions. Large rugs will work in most living rooms. A corner or side of a medium sized room with sofas, a coffee table and some furniture will call for a rug this size big area rugs are the perfect size category for a space like that. 8x10 area rugs would work in slightly larger living areas or in those where the designer or the design lover wants a bigger portion of the floors covered. In some rooms this is a good option, in others maybe not. We see designers covering most of the floor space and leaving only a small portion of the floor exposed. The small portion of the floor acts as nearly like a frame to a picture - in which the rug acts as the picture and the floor the frame. This works in spaces that have lighter colors. However it can feel a little claustrophobic in rooms that have slightly darker or darker colors with a darker colored rug. In the latter case designers usually prefer to use a smaller rug leaving more of the floor exposed creating a sense of spaciousness within the room.

Large Rugs for Living Room 

Living rooms are the rooms that we see most of large rugs due to a couple of reasons. First size wise the living room tends to be one the biggest rooms (if not the biggest) of a house. Secondly, it is an area where a lot of care is put into in terms of design and people spend a good deal of time looking for that perfect rug for their living rooms. Hence, large living room rugs are those that are mostly sought after in the large rugs category. Depending on the size of the room different rug sizes could work well in the living room. 8x10 area rugs could work nicely in a larger room or in a room where a larger portion of the floor wants to be covered. In living room rugs 8x10 is a common size and gray rug 8x10 and white rug 8x10 are two size color combinations that we see often used in modern spaces. While a 7x9 area rug is a more uncommon size, the one foot difference compared to 7x10 rugs (which is a very common size) is helpful in slightly narrower spaces or in some sitting areas where the designer likes to have the long side of the rug exposed instead of it going under the sofa; because usually when the rug goes under a sofa it is about 1 foot of the rug.

Large Rugs for Bedroom 

After living rooms, bedrooms are the spaces that large area rugs are preferred quite commonly. Usually we see 6x9 area rugs work in the bedroom. Of course there are larger bedrooms that call for larger rugs, however it seems that a 6x9 rug or a 6x8 area rug usually get the job done in a bedroom. The size of the rug also depends on how the rug is going to be placed within the room. We see lots of designers like to place the rug under a bed and the way this is done is usually by having the long sides of the rugs parallel to the head and foot of the bed while the shorter ends of the rug are parallel to the sides of the bed. Usually the placement is done so that the long side of the rug that stays under the bed usually passes from the middle of the bed while the other long side over flows 3 - 4 feet from the foot of the bed. In a placement like this the rug size would naturally have to be larger if we prefer to have the side of the rug that goes under the bed closer to the top and still with 3 - 4 feet of rug in front of the foot of the bed. In a situation like at his a 7x10 rug or even an 8x10 area rug could be necessary.

Large Rugs for Kitchen 

Kitchens usually call for smaller rugs, but in design there are no set rules and every space requires its own rules. Larger kitchens may require large kitchen rugs. In most cases we see rugs parallel to counter spaces where most of the prepping is done. While this is great it leaves a significant amount of kitchen floor naked between the counter space and the rest of the kitchen. A 6x9 area rug or a 6x8 area rug could work well in a kitchen if we prefer to cover a larger portion of the floor in the kitchen.