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Kitchen Rugs 

A kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in a home. Whether to prepare a snack or or enjoy a cup of coffee, we spend more time than we actually realize in our kitchens. This being said kitchens tend to be overlooked when it comes to the design aspect. Many home lovers spend a lot of time and effort designing their bedrooms, living rooms and may just not give the kitchen the attention it deserves. As kitchens are spaces that we keep and prepare our food, we take great care in them being as sanitary as possible. Due to this reason kitchens are made of easily cleaned surfaces, whether wood, stone or tile. But this fact does not undermine the design situation in the kitchen. Natural materials, beautiful cupboards and a bright space make our kitchens spaces that we enjoy spending time in. All of these said, it is always a good choice to complete the design with a beautiful rug on the kitchen floor. Carpets and rugs will complement the overall design of your kitchen creating a warm space. Area rugs may just work fine depending on the size of your kitchen. Modern rugs could work nicely in a minimal, modern kitchen. Some prefer round rugs and this is a good solution for designing your floor especially in a more square design. Small living room rugs are also preferred for kitchens while large area rugs could work in a large or open kitchen. There are many different kinds of oriental rugs to choose from for your kitchen and carpet stores will have a variety of kitchen rugs for you to choose from. We recommend wool rugs to our customers as wool is a natural material, warm, easy to clean and sanitize.

Are Kitchen Rugs Necessary? 

We get this question a lot and our answer is a big YES! As mentioned above sometimes design is overlooked in kitchens and your floors ask for a rug that matches your overall design. Rugs in a kitchen are not only necessary for design but also the feel. Many times we find ourselves walking bare feet and it feels much better to have a beautifully woven wool rug under our feet. It feels warm and pleasant to step on also considering we stand for extended periods of time standing on our feet preparing food. A kitchen runner could be perfect in a situation like this. Many home lovers like to have a kitchen runner rug in front of their counter this way it covers the front of the whole working area in the kitchen. A kitchen carpet is preferred by some and others prefer a kitchen area rug which works nicely in the middle of kitchens. Depending on the color and design of your kitchen a red kitchen rug could be a warm and eye catching addition to your kitchen design, especially if you are after something that will ‘pop’! Round kitchen rugs are preferred in the middle of kitchens with a more square layout. While blue kitchen rugs could add a nice cool color to the overall design if you are after some contrast on the floor a black and white kitchen rug could be the right choice for your space. Black kitchen rugs are great for modern kitchens.

What are Kitchen Rugs for?

A kitchen rug is both for improving the design, texture of your kitchen and also improving the feel of the floor of your kitchen. Design in the kitchen ıs overlooked sometimes and floors may not get the attention they deserve. With a woven kitchen rug on the floor of your kitchen, your kitchen will be a more welcoming space to look at, work and to just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in. Kitchen floor runners are go to rugs for many that pick a rug for their kitchen, however choices are limitless. Yellow kitchen rugs bring vibrance to your kitchen while gray kitchen rugs are great for a more neutral design approach. Green kitchen rugs work nicely in kitchens with green cupboards or counter tops complementing the color harmony. Small kitchen rugs could be used in kitchens where only one spot of the kitchen is going to be covered. Some prefer to place small, cute kitchen rugs in the exact location they are going to stand for a long time. Whether to wash dishes, placing the rug in front of the sink area as some like to call it a sink rug; or to prepare food, placing the rug in front of the counter area. Turquoise kitchen rugs, navy kitchen rugs work and blue kitchen runners nicely in kitchens designed with shades of blue. A pink kitchen rug is for those who is looking for a pop of color and a bit of fun on their floors. White kitchen rugs are used by those who prefer the feel of a rug and do not want to add a lot to the color scheme of the kitchen but still have it under their feet. And if you like the opposite and after a pop of color on your kitchen floor a red kitchen runner could be the go to rug for you. We see designers use lots of blue and white kitchen rugs on floors and this creates a well balanced floor in kitchens with matching colors on their cupboards and walls. Gray and white kitchen rugs are modern kitchen rugs and they fit perfectly in a minimalist kitchen with lots of metal surfaces around it.

How to Place Kitchen Rugs? 

There are a few different ways to place your rug on the kitchen floor and we have already given some hints! To sum them up, the first good location is the front of the counter. This way you will be standing on a decorative kitchen rug while doing your preparation for a meal. In front of the sink is another space to place your, as washing dishes take a good deal of time. The middle of the kitchen also works nicely, bringing the overall decor together in the middle creating a focal point. Depending on the size of the kitchen and your design approach you can use one of these, a couple of them or all of them together. Fun kitchen rugs are a good way to create a nicely designed kitchen.

What Size Kitchen Rug? 

This mostly depends on the size of your kitchen. If you are looking into placing a rug in front of your counter, a kitchen runner rug will work nicely as mentioned above and sizes of these rugs are usually between 2x8 rug and 3x10 rug. For a medium kitchen a 5x7 kitchen rug would work nicely in the middle. A sink rug, meaning a rug that you would place in front of your sink is usually a smaller rug, between 2x3 rug and 3x4 rug.

What are the Best Kitchen Rugs?  

We have talked quite a bit about sizes, colors and placement of a rug in the kitchen. To point out some different rug types that you can look into for your kitchen: retro kitchen rugs, vintage kitchen rugs and oriental kitchen rugs are some to choose from. Retro kitchen rugs and vintage rugs are quite similar both in design and age. They are 40 - 50 year old rugs with soft, vibrant colors and geometric designs. Oriental rugs have more intricate colors and bolder colors. Vintage and retro kitchen rugs could be preferred in kitchens with a more neutral design and oriental rugs could create contrast in a modern kitchen or fit with harmony in a classical kitchen.