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Extra Large Rugs 

What are Extra Large Rugs? 

Extra large rugs are for very large spaces or for spaces where the designer prefers to cover most of the floor with a single rug. Large area rugs can be helpful creating unity in design tying the room together with one large pice of textile on the floor. This helps design in many ways. First of all the dominant color of the rug helps us with other color choices of the room; curtains walls, furniture if we start design with the rug. On the contrary if we are buying the rug after deciding on the colors of mentioned areas, then the rug helps create harmony in the room. Other than color, style of an extra large rug is defining in a room. A modern rug will have a subtle geometric or plain design helping us capture a modern feel in our room. A tribal extra large rug can be accompanied with other tribal decor pieces. A vintage extra large rug will add character and texture to your space and will give you versatile options on furniture and other design elements of the room as vintage rugs are relatively easier to mix and match with other design elements. When we are talking about extra late rugs, we are basically talking about large area rugs over a certain size. 8x10 rugs, 9x12 rugs and rugs over these sizes are considered extra large rugs.

Extra Large Rugs for Living Room 

Living rooms are probably where we see extra large rugs the most as they are the largest room in many homes. Therefore oversized rugs sit nicely on living room floors. A 10x14 rug, 8x11 rug or an 8x12 rug will look work effortlessly in a living room. 10x14 area rugs are mostly preferred in larger spaces where 8x10 area rugs and 9x12 area rugs fit most living rooms. There are many ways to place big area rugs in a living room. Also depending on the placement of decor and design of the room our options are vary. Large living room rugs are at times placed under a long couch where half of the rug is under the couch and the other half in front of it. Some prefer extra large area rugs to be under the couch and armchairs in the sitting area, creating a warm atmosphere. A design approach like this will call for big rugs for living room and a big rug will create a coherent atmosphere in the part of the room it is used. This is why we see big rugs for living room in a living room covering under the entire area of the couch, armchairs and maybe a coffee table. In a design situation like this large area rugs around 10x14 dimensions would work. Oversized area rugs are a great way to complete decor in living rooms.

Extra Large Rugs for Bedroom 

A good rug that works with the design of the bedroom (or two or a few depending on the size and the design of the bedroom) is a must. When we think about a rug for the bedroom we take into consideration many things. Surely color and style are two things that are crucial in the design front. Another thing to look out for is material. Material of the rug for the bedroom can be more important compared to the material of the rug in other rooms. The reason for this is it is guaranteed that we will be walking in the bedroom bare feet. We want to be stepping on a soft, natural and healthy material. Therefore wool rugs are our top selling rugs for bedrooms. The placement of the rug and the size of the room are helpful when we try to specify the size of the rug that we want for our bedroom. Extra large rugs work well in a number of situations. If you prefer to have a rug under your your bed, you probably need an extra large rug. This is considering the bed is a queen sized bed and the rug will be under it and the sides as well as the bottom of the rug will outstretch the bed from the sides and the bottom. This style is widely used in bedrooms by designers creating a separate visual space within the bedroom for the bed area. This is one of the reasons why a rug is great in design. Because it is a floor textile one of its functions is to create a visual space within the room it is used. Turkish rugs 9x12 could work flawlessly in a design situation like this or a gray area rug 9x12 for a modern design. A 9x12 shag rug could also be an esteemed piece for under the bed as the first thing in the day when you wake up and the last thing at night before you go to bed will be soft fluffy wool; which is a great feeling. There are naturally other ways to place the rug in your bedroom. Sides of the bed is one place for a rug, however since we are focusing on extra large rugs, most bedrooms will not have sufficient space for this in the sides of the bed. For a large room, in front of the bed can be a possible location to place an extra large rug. Depending on the coloring and style of your bedroom some of your options are 9x12 blue rug, 9x12 grey rug or for a more bohemian design a bohemian rug 8x10, also called a boho rug by some designers. An 8x10 oriental rug can work superbly in a more classical design, or in spaces where some contrast is desired. We see lots of bedrooms designed in a modern, simple manner in neutral colors accompanied by an oriental rug on the floor. Large wool rugs are a stylish way to up your bedroom style and you when you find the big rug for bedroom that works for your space, you will see the bedroom becomes a more coherent, complete place.

Extra Large Rugs for Lounge 

Lounge is a space to be enjoyed, to relax in. Hence the design needs to reflect a relaxing, coherent style. When it comes to designing a lounge many designers prefer a simple approach with some chairs, plants and maybe wall hangings. An extra large rug could accomplish a lot in a design situation like this. Large room rugs are the perfect design element to create a coherent space. Having a rug under the furniture that makes the room helps make it a more inviting space. Also as mentioned earlier rugs have a tendency to create a visual space within the space they are used. A rug can help you create that inviting, warm atmosphere for your lounge. A beige area rug 8x10 can be a good choice for a medium or large lounge for under your chairs and maybe a coffee table in the middle. A 9x12 carpet is a good sized rug for a relatively larger room. Large grey area rugs are usually preferred in lounges designed in a modern style. There are different kinds of modern area rugs 8x10. Large gray rugs is one of the subcategories as well as large red rugs, 8x10 blue rugs, 8x10 beige rugs and 8x10 white rugs. A multicolor area rug 8x10 is a good choice if you prefer to bring some color and movement to your floor. For a really warm and inviting atmosphere you can very well choose a woven rug 8x10, this would have a great feel as well as a warm, vibrant look.