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Runner Rugs

Entrance in a home is what first catches the eye. It is where we greet our guests, it is what we see first when we open the door to our home. An elaborate design in these spaces add beauty and style to our homes. Since hallways and entrances are not wide spaces like living rooms, usually runners are preferred decorating their floors. Runners are narrow and long rugs. They are the perfect match for any hallway and entrance. Mostly when people are desiging their spaces, they tend to ignore the importance of hallways and entrances. A runner well chosen for these spaces completely change the vibe of a home and adds personality to it. Hallways are usually spaces that do not take sunlight, they require lighting apertures. In order to make up for the color we can not get from the sun, a colorful patchwork runner or vintage runner will add color to a hallway, adding positive vibes to your home.    

Runners fill spaces that are most walked on in homes, such as hallways. Therefore, wool on wool or wool on cotton solid woven rugs are recommended for these spaces for prolonged use.