About Vintage Carpets

Our collection of vintage carpets are 30 - 60 year old double knotted Turkish carpets. The materials are usually cotton and wool; the structure is wool on wool or wool on cotton. The style is medallion, geometric or floral. Because vintage carpets are preexisting rugd and are not produced from scratch, it is difficult to find a different size of a desired carpet. Therefore, every rug is unique.

These carpets are collected from various villages all over Anatolia, from auctions or from people that want to exchange their carpet with another carpet. The collected rugs are washed, cleaned and the ones in poor condition are fixed. Motifs are preserved diligently in the washing and fixing procedure. After washing, cleaning and fixing, the rugs are shaved to make the pile uniform. The main difference of vintage rugs to overdyed carpets is the washing technique that is used in the making of these carpets. The technique is called golden wash or tea wash and it gives natural, soft colors to the carpet.

Vintage carpets are widely preferred in spaces decorated with soft and warm colors. Colors such as light tones of brown, tones of beige and cream are common in vintage carpets. These carpets are made of high quality sheep’s wool, therefore the pile is soft and it is pleasant to walk on.