Hand on hips: It is the symbol of motherhood, femininity, fertility and abundance.

Tree of Life: It is the symbol of eternity.

Ram’s Horn: This motif represents productivity, strength and masculinity. It also tells us, if the weaver is weaving this motif, she is happy.

Fertility: Hand on hips and ram’s horn motifs combine to form this motif. Hand on hips represent the woman and ram’s horn represent the man. The eye in between protects the family against evil.

Scorpion: It is a protective motif against scorpions.

Amulet: It is believed that the amulet motif protects against ‘bad looks’ and bad events.

Eagle: It represents strength and power.

Eye: It is believed that this motif protects against ‘bad looks’ and any kind of harm.

Hook and Plus: These motifs are used frequently with the belief they protect against danger.

Dragon: Dragon is the master of air and water. It is believed that it brings fertile spring rain.

Bird: Owl and black crow represent evil, mockingbird and pigeon represent good luck.

Hand, Finger, Comb: Fingers protect against ‘bad looks’. Hand motif represents abundance and comb, birth.