Patchwork rugs are made by a technique that is called ‘kirkyama’ in Turkish, which can be translated to something like ‘forty patches’. In this technique pieces of rugs at different sizes are sewn to each other. They are made of 30 - 60 year old vintage rugs. These rugs are collected from various towns all over Anatolia. The rugs are classified according to their condition. The ones that preserve their shape and motifs well are washed and repaired to be sold under our vintage collection. The ones that are damaged are cut into smaller pieces where they are solid to sewn back together to form patchwork rugs. The second group of rugs are first washed, cleaned and extra care is taken to make sure all the motifs are preserved. The pile is shortened on some of them thus making the motifs clearer. After that, the rugs are overdyed with root dyes. Once the sewing is complete, the backside of the rug is covered with a solid cotton or linen combined fabric. This fabric covering the backside of the rug protects it and prevents it from sliding on floors.